10 Warning Signs for POC in Interracial Relationships


1. If your significant other claims to, or is known to “have a thing” for men/women of your race.

This is called fetishism, which generally consists of sexual/physical attraction based on stereotypes. For example: the “exotic” Asian/African women stereotype, the…

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"Israel, Israel, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide": Bay Area Solidarity with Palestine | AmericaWakieWakie 

Today thousands marched in downtown San Francisco in protest of Israel’s on-going massacre and occupation of Palestinians in Gaza.

In the past two weeks violence perpetrated by the Israeli apartheid state has escalated with the onset of a ground offensive into Gaza, thus far claiming over 420 Palestinian lives — 80 percent of which are civilians, not the alleged target Hamas — and injuring 3,000 more. In addition, tens of thousands have been displaced but with effectively no where to go in the border-sealed stretch of land being bombarded.

Bay Area residents took to the streets to demand in unison with occupied Palestine an end to US aid to Israel and the end to Israeli apartheid. To honor those whose lives have been taken protesters participated in a die-in, the practice of lying or sitting down to simulate the people killed already. Small boxes draped in the Palestinian flag symbolized the children killed. 

Protesters chanted “Israel, Israel, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide,” as well as “Free, free Palestine!”  

(Photo Credit: AmericaWakieWakie)

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repeat after me


you do not have to be paying close attention to something for conditioning to occur

you do not have to deliberately analyze a piece of media for the implicit messages to have an effect on you

attitudes can be impacted by things you never consciously picked up on

this is why it’s very important for us to continually analyze the media we consume and ask ourselves what messages it’s sending 

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laverne cox poses with a fan, oitnb mexico premiere july 17, 2014

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is this how christian couples takes baths together

I don’t understand why it needs the gender colored lighting….

straight people need reassurance at every step in their lives

no homo couple’s bathtub

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The Rock Has Pretty Much Admitted He's Playing Shazam



If the Rock is playing Shazam do you know what that means?

Maybe, just maybe…

They will cast a little brown boy as Billy Batson.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?


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Science “journalism” is why we can’t have nice things.

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